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FOR DUMMIES: The Podcast

Jun 17, 2019

For Dummies: The Podcast, hosted by Emmy Award winning star of NBC daytime, Eric Martsolf. The goal of each episode is to scratch the surface on fascinating topics covered by the For Dummies book series, which contains so much knowledge from content experts, it’s the closest we can come to a modern day Library of Alexandria.

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About host, Eric Martsolf

With over 3500 episodes of television under his belt, Eric has been providing “love in the afternoon” for NBC Daytime for the last 17 years. His portrayals of Ethan Winthrop on “Passions” and currently Brady Black on “Days of our Lives” have resulted in numerous industry accolades. He made daytime history in 2014 by being the first actor ever to win an Emmy in the Best Supporting Actor category for “Days of our Lives.” His television credits expand into primetime (Extant, NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles), and his musical theatre repertoire consists of over 40 productions, including his critically acclaimed role as the Pharaoh in the Osmond Broadway Tour of “Joseph.” Fans of the DC Universe will most notably recognize him as Justice League member and futuristic hero Booster Gold from the series Smallville.

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About Author Kim Ronkin Casey

Kim Ronkin Casey, author of “Cannabis for Dummies” has two decades of experience in public relations and communications. She has worked for the White House and for Fortune 500 companies, but now works in the Cannabis industry. Appropriately enough, she lives and works in Colorado, which has been a leader in the legal cannabis business.