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FOR DUMMIES: The Podcast

Aug 19, 2019

Whatever area of life you are striving for success in, a great way to help yourself reach your goals is to learn from those who have achieved success.  This week we are diving in to “Success Habits for Dummies,” by author and speaker Dirk Zeller. We’re being joined by a special guest, Dr. Angel Iscovich, Dr. I to his admirers, to talk about how you can develop the habits necessary to make you successful in whatever area of life you choose.

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With over 3500 episodes of television under his belt, Mr. Martsolf has been providing "love in the afternoon" for NBC Daytime for the last 17 years. His portrayals of Ethan Winthrop on "Passions" and currently Brady Black on "Days of our Lives" have resulted in numerous industry accolades. He made daytime history in 2014 by being the first actor ever to win an Emmy in the Best Supporting Actor category for "Days of our Lives." His television credits expand into primetime (Extant, NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles), and his musical theatre repertoire consists of over 40 productions, including his critically acclaimed role as the Pharaoh in the Osmond Broadway Tour of "Joseph." Fans of the DC Universe will most notably recognize him as Justice League member and futuristic hero Booster Goldfrom the series Smallville.

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About Dr. Angel Iscovisch

An author/speaker, Dr, I is a physician and an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history in several industries. Graduate of the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine with post graduate training in Psychiatry, including an area of focus in human behavior, most notably emergency medicine.

@DrIRoutineology (Twitter)
Dr. I (Instagram) (Website)


About Dirk Zeller

Dirk Zeller has been a Real Estate Agent, Investor, Coach and Speaker for more than 20 years. He is one of the most published Authors with over 500 articles published to his credit, along with six books; all of which have hit industry best seller lists. Three of his books are for the famous Dummies® series.

@REChampions (Twitter)